Message From The Chairperson


Each School has its own character, its own distinct and identifiable personality. The academic excellence is one of GPS’s unique strengths. We strive for high standards in the transmission of knowledge, within a dynamic and interactive environment.gsb-message

“Academic excellence has been the keyword of the school since its inception. A closely supervised study in an intellectually and culturally stimulating environment, together with an emphasis on student welfare and close contact between staff and students, ensures that individual students get maximum support. Backed by a system which ensures that quality is constantly monitored and standards are reviewed and maintained.

To my mind, whatever abilities children are born with, if they can be helped to use them in the most effective way, both their level of performance in life and their personal happiness are likely to be greatly improved. It is in this manner that we make our contribution everlasting, a legacy to the individual, to the community, and finally, to the country.”

Gurbir Singh Bagga
Genius Public School, Mohal