About The School


Excellence in a Caring Environment.

Genius Public School strives for excellence in the academic, physical, cultural and social development of our children by providing an environment that fosters each child’s full potential. This is achieved through the quality of our curriculum, the professionalism of our staff and the depth of community involvement.

About GPS

At Genius Public, we:

  • Provide the best possible teaching and learning environment
  • Ensure academic achievement with social and personal development
  • Provide education for students from which they acquire knowledge, skills and attitudes that will enable them to be reasonable and effective citizens in a changing world
  • Promote in all students, tolerance, respect and acceptance of others
  • Develop high-level competency in literacy, numeracy and technology
  • Develop healthy life skills for work, leisure and personal growth

Our Vision

The development of each student is a priority for which the school provides a challenging environment. This aims to encourage students to become considerate, responsible and self-reliant in life.

In addition to the bright and spacious classrooms, the school has a well-maintained library, a multipurpose room, art room and computer room. The school ground offers a lush-green lawn.

The school aims to achieve successful outcomes, both academic and personal, for all students regardless of gender, socio-economic background or other special needs.

The staff is committed to the maintenance of an inclusive learning environment which engages students in the process of becoming active, independent and skilled learners who are involved in and enjoy school life.

Our Mission

Genius Public School strives for excellence throughout all academic and extra curricular activities with the much needed support of its students, their parents and the community. Providing a safe and healthy environment for the child to develop and encompass all knowledge, we at Genius Public School make our motto become reality at all times – “Excellence in a caring environment”.